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PSSNY Rx PAC Request Form

The officers of the Rx PAC, along with PSSNY lobbyist Elizabeth Lasky, have established the criteria which will be considered in deciding to whom PAC funds will be distributed. They are as follows:

  1. The balance in the PAC checking account;
  2. The relative importance of the legislator for whom the event is being held;
  3. The amount already contributed by the PAC to that legislator during the two year legislative cycle;
  4. Whether pharmacists currently active in the profession who will be attending the event, are contributors to the PAC;
  5. Balancing the amounts given to office-holders in each legislative body, paying particular attention to their respective parties and leadership;
  6. The dollar amount contributed to legislators throughout PSSNY’s 14 regions, relative to the amount contributed to the PAC by those regions’ pharmacist members.


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