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PSSNY Committees
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PSSNY Committees

If anyone is interested in serving on any of these committees please contact or 800-632-8822. 

Convention Committee:

Purpose: The Conventions Committee with the Executive Director shall conduct all arrangements for the Annual Meeting of the Society. The Executive Director shall render a complete report of all receipts and expenses to the Executive Board. 

The Managed Care Relations Committee

Purpose: Such committee shall have the responsibility to study and report current trendsi n third party administration in New York State (Adopted June, 1989) [Previously Third Party Committee]

The Medicaid Committee:

Purpose: Such committee shall have specific responsibility to study, recommend and act on behalf of the interests of pharmacy in Medicaid matters affecting the profession in New York State.

Value-based Payment/DSRIP Committee:

The Audit Committee

Purpose: Such committee shall review the treasurer’s reports, tax statements, and all financial data relevant to the Society. It shall report to the Executive Board at least annually, such report to include any recommendations deemed pertinent and necessary by the committee.

Constitution and Bylaws Revision Committee

Purpose: Such committee shall receive and review all recommendations regarding revisions of the Constitution and Bylaws, and after acting upon same, shall transmit them to the Executive Committee and/ or Annual Meeting as Constitution and Bylaws procedure may require. Said committee shall determine whether posed amendments are properly worded and do not conflict with other sections of the Constitution and Bylaws and shall periodically review the Constitution and Bylaws for necessary rewordings and revampings of those sections which have become outdated or obsolete.

The Employee Committee:

Purpose: Such committee shall address areas of concern to employee pharmacists. It shall conduct surveys, make reports, sponsor resolutions and carry out other operations consistent with its responsibility to identify and present the perspectives of employee pharmacists on matters relating to the ethical and competent practice of Pharmacy.

The New Practitioner Committee

Purpose: Such committee shall provide a forum for pharmacists who have graduated within the past 5 years to network with one another, as well as with their more experienced peers. The committee shall coordinate events, recruit new practitioners to become members, and encourage new practitioners to become involved in PSSNY Committees and Affiliates.

Sundowning Committee

Purpose: Such committee shall hold the purpose of categorizing passed resolutions to ensure that all necessary actions regarding the intent of the resolutions are carried out in full by the association. The committee shall be comprised of no more than five appointed members and a Board of Directors Liaison. The committee shall meet each year to review the resolution to the House of Delegates regarding their recommendations for re-classifying resolutions.

Awards Committee

Purpose: PSSNY Bylaws Article VII. A. Section 2 specifies that the Past Presidents Advisory Committee shall act as a Committee on Awards, such awards which have been approved or designated by an annual meeting and/or the Executive Board.

Continuing Education Committee

Purpose: In accordance with the PSSNY Continuing Pharmacy Education Policy and Procedures Manual-The Continuing Pharmacy Education Advisory Committee will meet in person two times per year, once at the Association Annual Meeting (June) and at the Annual Mid-Winter Meeting (January) and in between meetings by conference call as required. The committee will conduct ongoing needs assessments to determine the CE demand.

The Code of Ethics Committee

Purpose: Such committee shall add, delete or revise, in order to carry out the purpose of the Code of Ethics adopted by the Society as at present constituted, or as may hereafter be revised or may be referred to it by the State Grievance Committee. All such deletions, additions or revisions shall be submitted to the Annual Meeting for acceptance or rejection.

Legislative Committee

Purpose: Such committee shall consider legislation in accordance with specific directions from, or policy developed by, the House of Delegates or the Executive Board as provided in the Constitution and Bylaws. The Committee shall report to the House of Delegates at the Annual Meeting of the Society on its activities pertaining to legislation affecting pharmacy practice that is introduced in or enacted in National or State legislatures. There shall also be appointed by the Legislative Committee Chair an Auxiliary Legislative Action Committee composed of a sufficient number of members to contact personally the legislators involved.

Interprofessional Relations Committee

Purpose: Such committee shall act as liaison with other professions and professional organizations. It shall foster programs and projects of mutual interest between the professions, including, but not limited to, Codes of Understanding between the profession of Pharmacy and the other professions.

Public & Professional Information Committee

Purpose: Such committee shall disseminate information to the profession, and to the public on all pertinent matters. Said committee shall prepare programs for professional and public information on the role of the pharmacist in health services.

Membership Committee

Purpose: Such committee shall use its best efforts to secure new members for the Society and refer such applications for membership to the Executive Board.

Mentorship Committee

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