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Recurring RxPAC Donation
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Pharmacy's Political Action Committee of New York State (RxPAC) was established as a voluntary, non-profit organization registered with the NYS Board of Elections.  This committee's charge is:  

  • To raise and distribute funds to political candidates  
  • To promote active participation of pharmacists in government affairs   
  • To increase the political clout of organized pharmacy. 

You can read more about the RxPAC on their website at

Click here to make a contribution; suggested contribution is $100.

Recurring RxPAC Donation

Why Should You Contribute to RxPAC?

Physician dispensing. Medicaid reimbursement. Continuous governmental attempts to control fees. Do you need any other reason to support an organization which is working to protect your professional future?

Remember, government today is large and growing larger. If we don't help responsive political candidates to get elected, our voice will grow faint amidst the clamor of those who would prevent us from practicing our profession the way we know it should be practiced.

And remember, while PSSNY is working hard to represent your views, it is prohibited by law from making campaign contributions. RxPAC, however, was created to do just that, consequently only by joining our effort can you actually help elect New York State Assemblymen and Senators.

RxPAC is Influence.

RxPAC is a bipartisan political action committee composed of pharmacists throughout New York State. We are voluntary, nonprofit, unincorporated and offer our contributing members an opportunity to influence the political candidates within the state who listen to the pharmacists' point of view.

We do not "buy" votes, but there is no question that meaningful participation in a political candidate's campaign will improve our access if such individual is elected to office. Certainly, such a candidate will look upon us a friends who supported him or her in candidate need, not as a stranger who is simply looking for a handout.

In short, your contribution to RxPAC enables the profession of pharmacy to wield influence at the State Capitol in Albany, where so many decisions affecting the practice of pharmacy are made.

Your Money is Spent Wisely.

Campaign contributions are useless, perhaps even counterproductive, if they are not the product of intelligent political analysis. That is why RxPAC thoroughly researches all candidates before any contributions are made. Such research involves the rigorous analysis of the following variables:
1. The degree of support on the part of local pharmacists for the candidate;
2. The disposition of the candidate toward giving pharmacy's view a fair hearing;
3. The candidate's chances for success;
4. The need of the candidate for additional funds.

Major Parties are Supported.

RxPAC realized that laws affecting pharmacy health require support from across the political spectrum. Political parties have produced and are represented by some fine, capable men and women. Our form of government has been strengthened by having a strong party system. RxPAC has accepted the responsibility to represent the profession in assisting honorable and capable candidates of all major parties to win elections.

RxPAC Fighting for the Pharmacy Profession

Click here to make a one-time or recurring contribution online.

Send check contributions to: RxPAC, c/o PSSNY, 210 Washington Avenue Extension, Albany, New York 12203

Recurring check contributions must be accompanied by this recurring donation form.  You can cancel this recurring donation at any point in time by contacting the PSSNY Office.


Contributions to RXPAC are not deductible as charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes.

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